Director's Notes

The unforgettable Chilean sky and the remarkable characters we filmed are at the heart of Cielo. These desert dwellers and scientists who live and work in the Atacama Desert- their stories, their reflections, their humour and humanity and the endless beauty of the sky- were and are my continual inspiration. So few of us look above and pay attention to the stars or planets in our daily lives; what would it be like to live among these extraordinary people in this otherworldly landscape whose gaze is totally directed upward?

Cielo is also an exploration of what a story can be. The unfolding of our narrative is more associative than logical. We reveal with juxtapositions of image and sound- for instance, the intimacy of a human moment vis-à-vis the epic scale of the night sky. Cielo is an invitation to slow down, reflect and rediscover our world, offering, I hope, the audience an evocative space in which to think and imagine for themselves. Or even experience a moment of transcendence, what photographer Robert Frank calls, “the poetry behind the surfaces of things”.



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